ThunderSoft Flash to Video Converter

Convert your Flash animations to different video formats


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ThunderSoft Flash Video Converter is the simplest tool you can find to turn any animation in SWF format into a video file.

This program has different output options that enable animations to be watched from any device. ThunderSoft Slash Video Converter supports common formats like AVI, MOV, WMV, MP4 and MPEG, as well as more specific formats compatible with PSP and iPod.

Another feature that this program includes is an editor you can use to trim and crop your videos or add watermarks to the files.

Thundersoft Flash Video Converter is very easy to use and only consists of three steps: add the SWF file to the application's interface, edit the file if necessary, and lastly, select the video format you want before clicking 'Convert.' In addition, if you want to specify the audio channel or the output quality of the file, you can also do so.

30-day trial limit.

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